History of Alcochem

Alcochem B.V. was founded 1974, setting up cross-trade activities initially between Russia and China for industrial Alcohol and Chemical products.

Having offices in and knowledge of the Polish market, several requests came in to look for production facilities that could compete with the relatively expensive labor in Western Europe. As a result Alcochem Steel and Alcochem Hygiene were added to the business activities of the Alcochem group.

In the 80-ties, market demand steered Alcochem to Central Eastern European countries and create a solid presence of material for the detergent industry, where soon Poland became the main market.


Due to economic developments, Alcochem transferred the main production capacity for Steel and Hygiene’s products from Poland to Asia in the beginning of the century.

The history of Alcochem B.V. is based on personal contacts and network creation and with that open and honest relationship with all our partners involved. The current set up of the Alcochem group is having 3 divisions, represented by offices in the Netherlands, China, Hong Kong, Russia and Spain.


Ever since Alcochem was founded, a key word in all business relations has been trust. All people participating were considered valuable contacts, whether they were clients, purchasers, suppliers or colleagues. In every circumstance, Alcochem obtained an exceptional position because of the trustful relation that was built.

Heading towards the future

Success is a natural goal to any company. Growth is only a part of success, dedication seems to be just as valuable. Alcochem shows that the quality of the ride might be just as important as reaching the goal. This company is a people centric organization, and therefore the human perspective is greatly valued.

The world has changed rapidly in the last decades. Politics, culture, means of communication – all of these continuously changing circumstances define the companies’ direction. In the mid 70ties it was all about plan economy and the iron curtain.

Today it is about sustainability and the 24/7 economy requiring to be online all the time. Global politics are an important influence in everyday business life. This goes for the early 70ties as well as for current times, we learn from the founders as well as today’s managers.

As a company, we choose to move along with changes in the world, meanwhile staying true to our original values. We intend to continue doing so in the future.