AC Divisions

Alcochem B.V. is a group of companies playing a global role on several markets

Alcochem wants to act as an organization that strives at all times for quality, continuity and satisfying our partners in business, complying to applicable legislation.



Alcochem Minerals B.V.

is a distributor and logistic service provider covering the complete supply chain and with that serves both producers and end-users of (mineral) raw materials for the detergent, glass, FEED, and other industries.




Alcochem Hygiene B.V.

is providing non-chemical pest control products, strongly driven by innovation. The clear focus is to provide trendsetting solutions for the future.




Alcochem Steel B.V.

Is a specialist in tailor made steel products and aluminium injection molded products, including a part of complete assemblies. With an own office and strategic connections with production facilities in China and Vietnam, a competitive price and excellent quality control is guaranteed over the total supply chain.

Creating cross connections over the above-mentioned business fields, our added value is to build bridges between manufacturers, developers, logistical partners and customers. Core values in this respect are reliability of deliveries, speed, flexibility and accurate communication throughout the complete process and supply chain.

Alcochem is ISO 9001, 14001 and GMP+ certified.