Alcochem Responsibility Program

Since 2007 Alcochem has made Financial commitments to projects which are connected to the area or markets in which Alcochem is active.

Alcochem has set up a few basic rules in which these commitments find their practical execution;

  • Projects are set up in co-operation with the partners in the subjected area, where a common contribution should secure the involvement and dedication from both sides. Projects are linked to People (labour conditions) and Planet (environmental conditions)
  • A protocol with all our production parties is signed in which no child labour is accepted in any way. This protocol will be controlled and monitored by our own local staff.
  • Apart from the nature of the projects mentioned above we dedicate a part of our budget to support programs that are connected to the well-being of children (our future generations).
Links to a number of these projects directly supported by Alcochem;
  • Choice in Cambodia: choice-cambodia
  • Children’s house in Poland
  • Orphanage in Vietnam:
    HCMC Sanitary buildings