With offices in China, Chile, Russia and the Netherlands, the Alcochem holding company offers a good base for the group members.

About Alcochem

Alcochem is a learning organization with a high sense of honor, working with a team that works closely together with the goal to satisfy our Partners In Business and at the same time creating an environment for personal development and FUN in our work.

Mission & Vision

Since the world is changing constantly we believe that we need to adjust to these changes and have an open mind towards new opportunities, cultures and developments. We highly value the fact that we want to have pleasure in our work; it implicates however that we need to make choices. These choices are based on creating a promising and healthy group of companies and with that a stable basis for the future of our activities.

F – Financial healthy
U – Unity
N – Ability to say NO

Financially healthy

Alcochem is aiming to give as much added value to our partners in business. A reasonable, competitive but healthy margin is the basis for a stable and sustainable high service level in thecomplete chain.


Throughout the complete Alcochem group, we strive to work according the strict rules
and norms, safeguarding uniformity in both our actions and motivation, both internal as well as external.We therefore are proud to be certificated for ISO 9001 (2015), GMP + FSA assured, ISO 14001.


Alcochem chooses to limit their activities to long term business and to look for creation of healthy synergy within the group. By doing that, Alcochem walks away from short term deals and from markets in which its expertise cannot be executed. We strongly believe that we create strength in the limiting  our choices.